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Art Submission Guidelines

"Artists are simple people with a complex mind" - Scottie Waves

Ukiyoto enables artists to submit their work and sell them on a global marketplace in the form of Canvas Art and in digital formats as NFTs. Curated Artwork will be eligible for,

1. Sales on Booker's Lounge Artstore ( )

2. Physical Art Display and Gallery shows at Booker's Lounge

3. Global shipping with eligible listings on Amazon/ Flipkart/Shopee Philippines


We welcome original artwork, drawings, paintings, sketches, photography, crafts and others related for submission.

All themes are accepted for submission.

Who is it for?

Artists, Painters, Craftsmen, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Mural Artists, Digital Artists, Graphic Designers, 3d Modellers, 3d Graphic designers and those related

Submission Guidelines:

Digital Art,

1. Artwork in Portrait format of 2:3 Ratio (Portrait or Landscape)

2. Artwork should be in high resolution .jpeg, .png or .pdf format

3. All details to be uploaded in the Art Submission Tab

Physical Art,

1. No size constraints

2. Deliver or submit your physical artwork to the following address for us to list them on Booker's Lounge site ( ) for sales,

Booker's Lounge, 2nd Floor, 228, Shanti Pally, Block BA, Rashbehari Connector, Kasba Beside Siemens, Kolkata - 700 107, India, West Bengal

Contact: +91 85839 70518

Royalty Payouts

Digital Art,

1. Upon successful selection, an Artists Contract will be signed followed by making the artwork ready for sales and promotions

2. Royalty report for sales are to be sent to all artists by the 5th of every month (Royalty is 50% of the profits)

3. Making the art available as NFTs is optional

Physical Art,

30% deducted on selling price towards Booker's Lounge fee and rest remitted ahead


1. Content should be 100% original without copying or modifying any existing work. All copyright issues arising due to such activities shall be dealt with directly between the Creator and the concerned party and Ukiyoto shall have no role to play as a mediator

2. There is no fee for submission or listing your artwork

3. Earnings dashboard created for digital art for remittance by 10th of the month with threshold. Remittance by 10th of the month irrespective of threshold for the entire sales in previos month for Physical Art.

For any queries feel free to email us at

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