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This space is a great opportunity to let creative houses take a peek into the world created with stories. 

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We've been producing and publishing a rich blend of myriad stories from all over the world and are now taking the next leap into the world of visuals with the select few. Are you on the lookout for winning titles with the potential to make extraordinary films? Well, your search ends here. Scroll down to learn more about them.

The Bestsellers

What is a film pitch deck?

A pitch deck is typically a 10–20 slide introduction that provides a brief overview of your cinematic vision in an exciting and emotionally powerful manner. It captivates the reader's imagination to identify with the characters.

Whereas the script will focus on the what of your vision—the plot, setting, and characters—the film deck will address the who, why, and how of your film. A film pitch deck allows you to demonstrate the look and feel of your creative vision in the same way that a script does for the storyline.


Why do you need it?

Let’s say you have a fantastic idea, a fantastic script, and possibly the beginnings of a solid creative team. How do you break through the clutter and capture the attention of film executives and investors? Because it doesn't matter how fantastic that script of yours is. Nobody will fund it if no one reads it.

Film Pitch Decks