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About Us

Nurturing Talent Worldwide

We are a traditional publishing company with a community of over 5,000+ domestic and international authors. Since 2019, we have published more than 5,000 books. Our strong distribution network spans over 70+ countries, and we have printed more than 300,000 books in paperback and hardback formats. Through our logistics channels, our Global Bookstore can ship books anywhere in the world.

Our current manpower and consulting bases are in India, the Philippines, Vietnam, the U.S., and Nigeria where we primarily focus on sourcing books and organizing major offline events such as literary festivals, book launches, readings, and networking meets.

Our flagship event, the Kolkata Literary Carnival, celebrates literature and unites readers and writers. Following past successful KLCs, which attracted authors, musicians, film artists, and academics from across the country. Held in the "City of Joy," stay tuned for the upcoming KLC which will feature readings, talk shows, and meetups with eminent dignitaries and rising literary stars in a culturally charged atmosphere. This literary extravaganza promises to be an unmissable event, offering a unique opportunity to engage with diverse voices and celebrate literary and artistic talent.

We offer translation services in over 44+ languages, creating opportunities for our books to reach diverse audiences globally. We also produce comics and animations, enriching our storytelling mediums. Additionally, we publish audiobooks and provide audio narrations to make our stories accessible in various formats.

Our Story

As all fiction start with intriguing stories, Ukiyoto too had its story, only that it was not fiction. Ukiyoto aims to identify quality content and talent across the world and blend them with powerful technologies to spin a unique spellbound creative hub in the publishing industry. Bringing stories to life and nurturing creative talent worldwide have been two of the primary objectives of the company. 

As a traditional publishing house with a global outreach and spread, it’s our constant endeavour to engage the writing community globally to bring out the best in them and give them an opportunity to publish their work.It goes without saying that we accept only quality work. That’s all we ask our authors. To keep writing good stuff and publish it. We’ve an excellent editorial team to take care of every thing. This is why we organise so many events, 100+ so far and more than 50 book launches.

Networking Meets & Events

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