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Shambavi Vyas has always been the one everyone looked up to. She?s made money, fed her family, done everything in her power to care for those she loved. However, once her two younger sisters, who she?d been taking care of since their mother?s death, became of age, they moved forward in life, leaving her behind to complete whatever she aimed to do in her own life. She gets accepted into the Army Academy, working towards becoming an officer in the Indian Amy, and thus begins her journey of achieving her true dreams. At the academy, she finds friends, allies, and support. She learns countless things and feels accomplished and proud of the progress she?s making.


But with the good comes the bad. Conflicts between family arise and old feuds resurface, all testing Shambavi?s ability to endure the challenges life throws at her. 


Will she discover the secrets hidden behind the lies she?s been told? Will her family be able to come out of these conflicts? Will she be able to make the right choices and actions under so much pressure?


Only time will tell. But we don?t have much time left. 

Manjha - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15084052
  • Paperback
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