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Though he would never openly admit it, Orion Alsephina is constantly fighting battles against his mind. Growing up is never easy, and for him, it's a whole another adventure.  With the date of his High School graduation growing nearer, he finds himself sinking deeper and deeper into the darkness, petrified of letting go?of the outside world and all that it has to give.  Enter the quirky, angst-ridden Autumn Carmichael who is hell bent on sticking to him like a second skin. (Mostly figuratively.)  There's a thin line between sanity and mania, and the both of them soon discover themselves pushing the boundaries of that line. As they navigate each other's complicated lives, they find themselves falling deeper into the pit of sadness and despair. But despite what they think, the Universe has a lovely surprise for them. A surprise that just might make everything a little bit more bearable.

Holding Infinity - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15084189
  • Paperback