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Danica Waylon returns to California after three years, hoping to fulfill her younger brother?s birthday wish. When she meets her crush since middle school, Troy Kingston, who is now a famous WhyNTuber and a celebrity figure, she decides to maintain a distance from him. But when fate decides to bring Danica into the same mansion as Troy along with other celebrities, a prank goes wrong, and before long, their fans start shipping them. The ship name ?Tronica? became famous, and they had to start pretending to be in a relationship. What happens when their reel and real lives get mixed? What will happen when the fans know that the couple they adored was never a real couple, to begin with? Most importantly, how will Danica control her big crush for Troy, now that she has got the fame by accident?

Fame by Accident - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15084022
  • Paperback
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