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Fund Raising for Book Distribution in South Africa

Fund Raising for Book Distribution in South Africa

Objective - To highlight the issues in Africa mentioned in the title, "Africans Remain Beggars" by printing and distributing  physical copies to the target audience in South Africa and initiating them to take possible measurable actions

Execution - The funds raised for this campaign shall be used for printing and shipping twenty copies of the title, "Africans Remain Beggars" to South Africa for the book to be distributed to those concerned and highlight the primary issues of poverty in Africa.

Such contribution will help in making the voices heard, reach the right ears, bring out the issues which need to be addressed and help the word spread among the individuals to work towards the prosperity of the society.

We extend our warm thanks to each and every contributor in supporting our motto.

We shall publicly announce the print and delivery of the books on this page upon reaching the milestone of 100$.




August 25, 2019 at 6:30:00 PM


October 30, 2019 at 6:30:00 PM

Terms and Conditions

Disclaimers - 

a. This NOT an investment plan to get monetary returns nor a payment in return of any service but a contribution and donation for the benefit of the society

b. All proceeds over and above the defined milestone of 100$ shall be utilised in printing further books of equivalent value and shipped across

c. We do not hold any charges except for the Paypal transaction fees, printing, hosting and service delivery costs 

For any queries please feel free to mail us at

About the Book

Africans Remain Beggars is based on the situation in Africa. The author outlines the reasons why Africans remain poor. It is not a secret that even though Africa is rich in minerals, Africans are swimming in poverty. African leaders continue to make turns going to Europe and other continents to ask for money. The author mentions how politics had affected the economy in Africa. This book is about helping Africans change and not dwell in poverty. Few of the topics mentioned are laziness of Africans, the love for food, sex and their choice of marriage partners. A lack of leadership in Africa is also playing a big part in the declining lives of Africans.

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Fund Raising for Book Distribution in South Africa
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