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Our printing and distribution units are located at regional hub locations in Asia to produce quantities as low as single units at optimum costs, reduce overseas shipping costs, reduce time for delivery and penetrate further into regional markets with participation in book fairs and display in book stores, shelves and libraries at regional locations.

Books all across Asia are printed and shipped from,

a. Singapore

b. Malaysia

c. Indonesia

d. Japan

e. Phillipines

f. India

Dedicated online bookstores for paperback, hardback and coloured copies are available at,

a. Singapore

b. Japan

Special Rates are applicable for Authors, Wholesalers and Distributors for orders of more than 21 units per title.

Search for your title in your chosen Amazon marketplace or Ukiyoto Global Bookstore with either the book name or ISBN or write to us at for bulk orders or in case of any queries.

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Book Store Distribution in Malaysia

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How does this work?

We distribute our books to offline bookstores in Malaysia to the following stores or store chains via our authorised partner, Gerakbudaya, Kuala Lumpur,

a. Kinokuniya Chain

b. Popular Bookstore Chain

c. MPH Chain

d. Borders Chain

e. Times Bookshop

f. Silverfish Bookshop

g. LitBook Cafe

h. Bookalicious

Overall would be more than a 100 bookstores individually...


a. Once your books are sent to our distribution partner, they would send samples to all the above stores and store chains including their own for selection. This would range from a period of 1 to 3 months for the selection.

b. If a store selects the book, they would provide a bulk order or a purchase order for the book ranging from 20 to more than 100 as required and the same store name would be mentioned to the author so that he/she may check out or direct friends/family to the store.

c. For those not taken up, they would be selected mostly by Gerakbudaya at their store for placement while the rest returned back to author/publisher as mentioned to them.

d. Sales reports would be provided on a bi-monthly basis

e. Royalty would be shared in a the same percentage on the profits (i.e. post deduction of all printing & shipping charges and store commission)

How to activate and send books for distribution to stores in Malaysia?

There are two ways to work out and benefit:

Option 1: Printing in Malaysia at Author Special Rates
    - This is for a minimum of 20 per title which our printer in Malaysia supports
    - This can be done on spot and sent out

Option 2: Printing in Singapore at Author Special Rates
    - Suggest a minimum of 5 books to cover all stores as less than that would be insufficient. More the better since more books can be placed in the stores and enable them time for assessment
    - Books would be placed on a monthly cycle and shipped altogether to reduce overall shipping cost
    - Shipping charges will be only 5SGD (Singapore Dollar) per set (5 or more) to be shipped all at once and mutually benefit all authors

For any queries or to send your books to store distribution kindly email us at

South East Asia HQ:

Ukiyoto Singapore Pte. Ltd.

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