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We're an emerging player in the Asian Publishing industry with a key focus on encouraging upcoming authors from ASEAN countries to publish their unique work. Our dedicated team for this region has produced over 600 book titles written by 250+ Asian authors. 


Being a traditional publishing house, not only do we provide end to end services to authors from editing the manuscripts to making them available to readers for purchase, we also do it for zero cost to the authors. And our growing community of authors benefit from our robust printing and distribution network as we provide them with a seamless experience of getting their books published and opportunities for promoting their books worldwide in book fairs, book stores, and libraries.

How to publish with us?

It's very simple.  Just check out our page on the submission process or feel free to drop us an email.

Quality. Talent. Network...Our key strengths

Besides having a talented editorial team, our strength also lies in our cost effective printing centres that gives additional advantage of profit margins to our authors.  

We've even introduced a separate collection for the Filipino books in our Bookstore because of the growing demand from our readers! And also, we can translate your book from Filipino to English and vice-versa to make its reach global.


And since we know how important it is to make your books available at the regional bookstores, we keep building partnerships with major book chains.

Recently, in Malaysia, we tied up with Gerakbudaya that has a network of more than 100 stores namely Kinokuniya, Popular Bookstores, MPH, Borders, Times Bookshop, Silverfish Bookshop, LitBook Cafe and Bookalicious.

We believe in taking feedback to improve our services & also the positive reviews make our day! 


DS Pais, Singapore

Author of 
Art of Literature, and many more

My experience with Ukiyoto has been very pleasant and professional. They are quick to respond to queries and have a wide range of projects for authors to collaborate with.

Coming to innovation, they've made a commendable progress since its launch and provides exceptional services to cater to different authors worldwide. Ukiyoto Publishing has been my first traditional publisher and I have continued with them since then, publishing over 33 books.  

Grace Sundram, Malaysia

Author of
Gracestronomy: An Ode To Food & Life

It was such an easy process. Everyone was really responsive towards my enquiries and always helped whenever I was lost about something.  

Anne Marla, The Philippines

Author of
Hey Stranger, After Midnight Voices

The publishing process was really fast. I was able to publish my books in less than two months which is something I really like. I also appreciate the fact that Ukiyoto is very responsive to emails and queries, and very flexible . Another thing I like about Ukiyoto is their team. Overall, I'm happy with the publishing process and I am looking forward to publishing more works under Ukiyoto.

We are also actively hiring.
Check out the open positions on our Career page

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