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7 Steps To Build Your Dream Wardrobe

The Confident Wardrobe

The book seeks to help women build their dream wardrobes. For some time now as a lifestyle blogger, I've come across women with queries on how they can build wardrobes that embody their whole personality making them shine with confidence. I feel bad when I see women doing all sorts of things to change their body shapes so that they would look more admirable as expected of them. Yet, there is beauty in variety and every woman should appreciate their bodies as they were created.

In this book, I share 7 Steps to build a wardrobe that every woman will be confident of. Truly, wardrobes change depending on the seasons, weather and our lifestyle but with these 7 Steps, every woman can build a wardrobe for any season and lifestyle until she's confident about herself. It's time we embraced the diversity since we are not all of the model sizes or curvy!

About the Author

Grace Ekirapa, popularly known as Dalene Ekirapa, is a lifestyle blogger behind the blog Dalene Ekirapa. "Growing up as a slim girl, I normally felt left out when no cloth seemed to look good on me just because I was not 'curvy' as the society expects of an African girl. But that's what sparked my interest in the fashion. I became accustomed to Pinterest and was always looking for style inspiration. Shortly after, I launched my blog with the aim of inspiring slim women to look great in clothes and feel confident about their general lifestyle.”

Grace Ekirapa

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