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A Beautiful Mess

Funny how things come around. Now here I am nearing the end of 2017 finishing up my 17th book for two years. To some that may seem like an impossible task...well for me...I guess I have just had a hell of a lot to say about so many things...past...present ...and future..So here I am sitting at Sunset...under the newly covered deck looking out over the parking lot and watching the cars speed up and down SC 170 just taking it all in...

About the Author

L.J. Valente grew up in Natick, Massachusetts. He attended Vanderbilt University School of Engineering. It was there that he began writing and left shortly after to pursue a writing career. After drifting around the US for several years, he found himself married to a Turkish national and living on the Aegean coast of Turkey. While in Turkey, he wrote for Cosmopolitan Magazine Turkey and worked as a translation editor for several publishing houses. In 2014, he returned to the United States and in 2015, he returned to literature. Since then he has published 21 collections of poetry and a collection of short stories.


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