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A Pragmatic Method to Face Repeated Failures

This book explains the step by step method to face failures and convert them into success. Each step is explained in detail and summarised into Seven Day Plan or Role Classification Plan. With the Seven Day Plan, you can start the process of achieving success and when you understand the process better, you can gradually move towards the Role Classification Plan for faster results. This book is for those people who keep facing failures at every step and have reached a point of saturation that they would never achieve success again. A process is in place to overcome our perception of failure and work towards having a positive approach.

About the Author

D.S.Pais is a Singaporean author who has 19 books to her credit. She loves writing novella’s, poetry and self-help books. When she is not writing, she loves to workout (pilates), watch movies and read books. She lives in Singapore.

D.S. Pais

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