Biography Of A God

GAURANGA – the early years

Lord Gauranga (who's birth date inaugurates both the Vaisnava & Hindu Calendar) once put a mango stone in the soil – which instantly burgeoned into a tree bearing ripened fruits for his followers! (And this was one of his lesser miracles.)Yet, he is a historical and scripturally recognized personality (born in West Bengal in 1486) who grew to be 7 feet tall, of perfect proportions, with skin that shone like molten gold. (Gauranga means the Golden God!)

However, s/he had the beauty and sensibility of a woman – would sing and dance in the streets – and, was so compelling that people would fall in love at first sight. Those that knew him believed s/he was the god that created us. Were the saintly Sanskrit scribes that delineated his magical and marvellous pastimes a pack of – highly imaginative – liars?...So, the real question is: 

Are you ready – is the world ready – for The Divine Romance?

About the Author

PJ Lyric is the editor of this book

PJ Lyric

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