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Blind Faith

Rai’s worst day was not the one she woke up blind, but the moment she realized she’d married a monster. For the past seven years, she has escaped Cliff, her corrupt, sociopathic husband who refuses to divorce her. The last thing she needs now is another relationship, but some men are hard to resist. Gideon senses Rai’s apprehension, but that doesn’t deter him. It fuels his curiosity. What starts out as an innocent five-day cruise, soon turns into an attraction that could destroy them both. Cliff is clever, deadly, and resourceful. To defeat him, Rai must find courage and trust Gideon, even though his protective devotion might get them both killed.

About the Author

Rowena lost her vision to Retinitis Pigmentosa, but her passion for writing stories never diminished. There is at least one blind character in each of her stories. She does this to help educate others about the mad skills blind people have and to offer an insight to how they live their lives. In her spare time, she volunteers as an educator to blind students and records books for Learning Ally. She and her deaf husband live in Colorado.

Rowena Portch

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