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Caves Of My Life

To Alive Leaf

I will say to all my readers, don't forget the struggles and trials in life but be thankful for them because they are the ones which make you the person you're today. To all victims out there, no matter how long the trials may seem to have been happening it is not too late for you as it was not for me. There is a chance to beat this by talking to someone you trust or find help in any organisation that deal with this abuse. Don't stay under this abuse thinking that it will pass, go out there find help, unitedly speak and help those who are in this abuse.

About the Author

Sandra Mandlosi is a single mother with three children - twins Sebongile and Bongane who are twenty-one years old and Thando who is fifteen years old. They live in Tembisa city called Midrand, in Gauteng in South Africa. Sandra finished her Matric by family cries, and took advantage of situation by doing Computer Skills and Fashion Designer Course. She also garnered call centre and catering skills. She started writing at the age of fifteen.

Sandra Mandlosi

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