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Daddy's Princess

Always and Forever

“The road we travelled daily had the same trees but every day they seemed to tell me a different story altogether”

She dreamt of her home built in the clouds – Vasati Megham, that’s what she called it. Like any other girl, even she desired to live happily ever after with the best man in her life but destiny had other plans for her.Sakshi from the town of Kottayam thought of nothing more than moving to Ernakulum with her father after studies and settling there with a great job. Little did she know that she would meet Vikram during graduation and fall head over heels for him - unaware of the consequences lying ahead.Daddy’s Princess is a nice read beautifully portraying the life of a girl who understands the norms of the society from a perspective different from what she had learnt while growing up. The story holds the readers’ interest till the last chapter and makes them ponder over certain beliefs which are so odd and abstract but still prevalent in today’s era.


“A compelling read that opens your eyes to different nuances of life”

- Melissa Bell, Amazon Best Seller

About the Author

With the first novel making quite the noise post its launch, Arjun produces his second title with a mix of love and prejudice to reach out to the society and send out a moral message to the readers.He may be contacted at

Arjun Chaudhuri

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