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Human Resource Management Made Easy

Human Resource Management Made Easy is exactly what it says it is – a book that makes the complex world of recruitment, contracts, workforce development and everything else to do with employing people as simple and accessible as possible. This book is designed for the busy manager of a small business or charity with no access to a Human Resource Department, the aspiring professional taking their first steps towards a career in this exciting profession and anyone simply wanting to know that bit more about the management, motivation and development of people in the workplace. The author takes all the common areas that managers ask of HR professionals in large and complex organisations and makes sense of it for the smaller business or organisation. Mike takes the reader on a journey through the employee life cycle from pre-employment, through recruitment, workforce and individual development, to the parting of ways, using combinations of step by step activities, models and anecdotes from his extensive experience in the business of human resources. By following the advice within this book and putting the actions it describes into practice, the reader will gain both skills and knowledge in the art of human resource management.

About the Author

Mike has been involved in industrial relations, human resources and management for over forty years. With a career spanning manufacturing, through public transport to FTSE 100 companies and city councils, Mike has been a negotiator on both sides of the bargaining table as both senior union representative and human resource manager. After a long career in the cut and thrust environment of employee relations and the highly rewarding world of employee and management development, Mike now shares his time as a freelance consultant to SMEs and writing. Mike lives in Oldham, is married to Glenys, has two grown up sons, three step-kids and three grandchildren.

Mike Gill

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