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Jazz en Dominicana

The speciality of this book is that it is integrated with Augmented Reality so that the readers may enjoy the wonderful music while reading the interviews made by Jazz en Dominicana in the year 2019. They include 7 jazz musicians, and 4 jazz radio program producers and hosts. They provide a look into these very talented actors that are an essential part of the current day jazz scene in the Dominican Republic. 

There is a particular QR Code placed after every Interview, which the readers may scan using a QR Scanner and listen to the music. The Cover similarly has an AR App to be downloaded as mentioned in the book for the music video to play on scanning the Cover of the book The author of this book is also the Winner of Ukiyoto Global blog Awards Season II 2019.

About the Author

Fernando Rodriguez De Mondesert was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; at a very young age moved to the United States where he lived and went to school in Hempstead, NY. He then studied at the University of Houston and exercised his early career with Hilton Hotels until 1982 when he returned to his home country. From 1983 to 2008 dedicated to the transport and freight logistics sector; having been, among others: Operations Manager of Island Couriers/Fedex; Manager - Air Division for Caribetrans, and Country Manager of DHL. In 2006, he created Jazz en Dominicana, and since 2008 he has been dedicated to informing, promoting, positioning and developing jazz in the country and Dominican jazz to the world. Via Jazz en Dominicana, the cultural gestor and promoter has developed a series of products and services that complement the mission chosen for this musical genre. These include: - Writer: Besides the Blog; his articles have been published in Dominican national newspapers such as: "Listín Diario", "Hoy", "El Caribe" and "Diario Libre". He writes in the famous All About Jazz in English. He is a member of the Jazz Journalist Association. - Creator and producer of live Jazz venues: these have held more than 1,100 events in less than twelve years. They are currently Fiesta Sunset Jazz and Jazz Nights at Acropolis in the city of Santo Domingo. - Concert Producer: The World Jazz Circuit stands out, in which greats such as Peter Erskine, John Patitucci, Frank Gambale and Alex Acuña were presented; the concerts that for 8 consecutive years have been performed as part of International Jazz Day, among others. - Liner Notes writer and producer of record production releases. To date he has written the Liner Notes for 10 albums, and produced 9 release concerts. - Others: Speaker in events and others on the genre; participation in radio programs; taking Dominican groups to international festivals; and, member of the panel of judges for the 7 Virtual Jazz Club Contest, among others. - He has received many awards, including: the Ministries of Tourism and Culture of the Dominican Republic, UNESCO, Centro Leon, International Jazz Day, Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz, Casa de Teatro, Festival de Arte Vivo, MusicEd Fest, in 2012 the Casandra (Dominican Republic´s Oscars/Grammys). By the above mentioned, Fernando has and will continue to contribute to the culture of music, especially Jazz, in the Dominican Republic.

Fernando Rodriguez

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