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Thanking You With Love...

“Certain relationships don’t have any name. They sprout from nowhere and disappear somewhere”

Ashwini and Vikram had become more than just friends. It was not that he was her boyfriend, but she just felt like being with him always.


Life moved on and Ashwini matured over time realizing that the responsibilities and problems one had to shoulder were much more beyond the four walls of college. As time came for her engagement, Vikram not only disappeared from the scene but neither did he get in touch with her ever. 

What was in Vikram’s mind when he was with her all the while? Did he really care for Ashwini or was it just a hallucination? 

Thanking You with Love... will hold the reader till the last page when Ashwini discovers a shocking truth upon returning to her hometown after six years. 

About the Author

With an ardent interest in story writing, Arjun brings an excellent mix of romance, tragedy and emotions in his debut novel redefining a new relationship of love. He lives in Hyderabad and works for a leading education company in India.

Arjun Chaudhuri

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