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The Trilogy of Crime

It took nearly twenty years for Macaya King to set up the largest criminal organization in Port-Galère. Willy is ready to do anything to integrate this organization, even to cause irreparable damage. On the other side of the city, a young dealer faces his former teacher. Which one will give the lesson? Still in the same place, in a hospital, among the sick, suffering and death, an intern wounded in his ego, imagine a plan to avenge the insult. Will he be satisfied when he executes his plan? In this universe, extravagance occupies every alley and every crossroads, and rushes into the passionate speeches.

About the Author

Guilliano Alténor was born in Haiti. He grew up in Port-au-Prince under the sun, the blue sky and the watchful eye of Providence. He studied medicine and history. He has always been passionate about reading and writing. The Trilogy of Crime is his first book.

Guilliano Alténor

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