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Weisz Winners

Weisz Winners is a story about detectives Walsh Winners he has a brother Kenneth who is very naughty he sometimes seems very clever and sometimes very dumb and they have a grandfather who lives his life to the fullest. Walsh is Handsome sexy and his way of working is very different. The other detective is Electra Weisz. Det Doug and Troy are in the team of Weisz Winners. It has crime, comedy and love. It also revolves around with what's going on in their personal life. The way they solve their cases is very different. And Weisz Winners is a balanced story of love crime and comedy.

About the Author

Joe Bavaria has written this story as a movie. It is one of the chapter from my book Weisz Winners. She believes that there are a lot of things that we laugh it out and leave saying such things dont happen or exist, but they do. There are lot of things to explore learn and experience by yourself. I have written this story to make it into movie as I want my hardwork to come into reality.

Joe Bavaria

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