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What did Tashi do?

From the Author of Stolen Reflections

Tashi Chotten is a woman from Arunachal Pradesh working and living a normal life in New Delhi. Her world turns upside down one night when she receives an anonymous email with a compromising picture of herself attached – one she had shared with her ex-boyfriend four years back.

In a fast-paced, mind-numbing tale of misplaced trust and poor data security, blackmail and friendship, lust and a love that had gone cold years back, will Tashi be able to regain control over her life and win the fight against the man who seems to be one step ahead of her, no matter which direction she chooses to go?

About the Author

A two-time Quora Top Writer and top writer in fiction on Medium, Anangsha specializes in poetry and short fiction. She is a civil engineer in a writer's skin. Currently pursuing her Ph.D from IIT Guwahati, Anangsha has a day job as an Assistant Professor at NIT Silchar, but considers herself a full-time writer by night.

Anangsha Alammyan

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