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Create your Audio Books with Worldwide Distribution

Experience the power of storytelling in its purest form through beautifully narrated audio books, where every word is infused with emotion, bringing characters to life and painting vivid worlds within your mind.

More than 100 distribution channels...

You may either use our Voice Over services or send across your audio files in the given format for creating your audio books.

Difference between Audio Books and Podcasts:

  • Audio books are created with a single person's voice over with no background sound or music while podcasts maybe created for a single track of shorter version with or without music

  • Audio books can be distributed and circulated on retail channels with a marked price for sales with due royalty to authors like eBooks (royalty as per our standard terms is 50% of profits) while podcasts are sent on channels as Spotify or Youtube free of cost and there are no earnings

  • Audio book creation is more intense with rigid guidelines for distributions, metadata files, credits, technical specifications of the files (which are checked & tuned as per requirements) to make them commercially viable while podcasts are easier to make and do not require any specifications as such

We may create your audio book, circulate and distribute them on retail channels such as Google Play, iTunes, Kobo and many others to a wide audience with a regular publishing process post creation same as that of ebooks, paperbacks and hardbacks. Details and pricing of creating audio books with us is given below.

Few of the Voice-Over Samples

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