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More than just a project - it's a book, a literary monument, and beyond!

Foster strong cross-cultural relationships between authors from different countries and sign up to set a world record with the release of a grand collection of poetry.

What is Hyperpoem?

The concept behind the HYPERPOEM project was conceived during the summer of 2020. Initially, it was intended to be part of the DEMO GOG group's efforts to create a large internet-based poem involving several dozen authors. However, during that time, the project failed to garner the necessary attention and participation from poets and their readers, leading to its suspension for a period.

Everything took a turn in the fall of 2021. As the membership of the DEMO GOG group neared 10,000 individuals, there was a growing interest in the project. People began inquiring about it and expressing a keen desire to get involved. In response to these developments, the project was revitalized and relaunched!

Project Idea:
The project's concept is simple: to connect authors worldwide around the theme of "International Cooperation and Friendship" and set a Guinness World Record for the largest poem by the number of participating authors (and languages). Each author is invited to contribute a quatrain in their native language or English and complete a participant questionnaire to protect copyrights and confirm authorship.

Over 1,900 authors have already participated in HYPERPOEM, surpassing our initial goal of 1,500 participants for the world record. Remarkably, authors from more than 90 countries have contributed quatrains in their native languages. We've submitted an application and are in negotiations with Guinness. We've also presented certificates to all 1,692 participants from the first volume.


Future Plans:
Many authors wish to continue or join HYPERPOEM, presenting an opportunity for both groups. New authors can participate in the second volume under the same terms. Our goal is to reach 3,000 participants (combining volumes 1 and 2) by 2025, providing a strong reason to release a new book. For first-volume participants, we propose becoming volunteers and ambassadors, spreading the word about HYPERPOEM, international cooperation, and friendship worldwide.

Endless Potential:
HYPERPOEM has limitless potential in terms of duration and participants. It can endure for decades, welcoming hundreds of thousands of writers from around the world eager to share their message, culture, and dreams in just four lines. Perhaps, in the future, your descendants will find your poetic soul within its pages!

Registration for the second volume is open and active – don't miss out!

Rights and Obligations:
Participants must contribute one quatrain on "International Friendship" in their language, fill out a participant's questionnaire, and refrain from including violent or offensive content.

Participants are volunteers and do not seek royalties. Authors retain the right to their quatrain but need publisher consent to publish the full manuscript. The project, including names, logos, and book covers, is protected by the organizers and the publishing house.

The project's aim is to showcase authors, foster international relations, set records, and release poetry collections bearing the same name.

In a world fraught with tension and conflict, HYPERPOEM serves as a bridge, connecting authors from diverse backgrounds, fostering creativity exchange, and promoting universal friendship on Earth. Great achievements start with small steps, and we stand for global peace!

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The aim of the "HYPERPOEM Season II" project is to showcase authors' works and strengthen cross-cultural relationships between authors from different countries, as well as to establish a world record and release a grand collection of poetry subsequently.

The theme for all submitted quatrains should be INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION or INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP.


How to apply?

a. Fill in the registration form and submit your poetry in the form itself

b. Selection of poems will be done by Ukiyoto Editorial Team

c. Poems should consist of 4 lines only, called a 'quatrain'

d. Only 1 poem can be submitted by an author

e. No translation by machine or Google will be allowed and participants could be barred from further events if such submissions are found

f. Content needs to be original and authentic

The author retains the right to his/her quatrain but does not have the right to share the text of the full manuscript without the consent of the publisher. Quatrains containing calls to violence or insults to any social groups will not be included!


The compilation will be pitched for World and Country Records with each author having their name and credentials placed in the title.


On successfully winning the record, each participant would be provided with a Digital Certificate along with the mentions of 'Record Holder' and 'body who has given the record'.


The title would also be published, distributed and promoted by us as Paperbacks, Hardbacks and eBooks worldwide.


A commission of independent experts will monitor the progress of the project and the correctness, as well as the individuality of filling out the questionnaire.

Ukiyoto has the right to accept or deny the submissions and also if the number is higher for a particular language, further submissions in the same language may stand a lower chance of getting accepted.


For any queries, feel free to write to us at

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List of Authors from Hyperpoem Season I

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