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Augmented Reality

Everyone might have had the idea of experiencing hallucination in their life once and for real. Hearing things like how real a hallucination makes it more of a luring kind towards it. If you try to prove this fact wrong, at least you could have experienced a dream where you were sensing falling from a height or from your bed but when waking up you realize that, thank God you woke up in real life without an injury. If this was the well spring for the Virtual reality idea, everyone must feel proud that they are part of a scientific invention. Unfortunately, L. Frank Baum mentioned it in a Sci-Fi novel and takes the credit of introducing it to the world.

Making things to feel real by feeding the senses with real like computer graphics which aren’t real in this world is what best describes the concept of augmented reality. Unlike its younger version virtual reality which makes the user to immerse in the world of virtual reality ambience, augmented reality adds the virtual elements to the natural ambience to make it feel serene. Virtual reality needs special add on equipments to quench the immersive experience whereas augmented reality uses the available hardware in a smart phone and delivers the effects blended with nature to make the effects feel real.

Augmented reality works pretty content with the hardware that’s available in a smart phone. But, it seeks much support system from the software programming side. The programmers have to be toiling their brains off to make it handier. During this pandemic, top brands in electronics like Xiaomi and One Plus have started launching their products with the help of AR. They promoted their products through AR and promoted the concept of AR to a wider stretch and proved it to be the affordable one even for the people with low range smart phones could enjoy the experience.

Augmented reality works by taking data from a device’s camera, GPS, accelerometer, compass and speakers. AR could be delivered with the usage of multitude of devices like programmed glasses like Google glasses. World with AR will make things easier and cost effective. Starting from selecting a suitable frame for spectacles up to training the army forces will have its cost benefits with AR.

Augmented reality makes things easier in most fields like Architecture, Industrial Designing, Automobiles, Military, Disaster management, Sports, Games, Navigation, Education, Medical, Search and Rescue. “To Err is human”, every error leads to enlightenment often, it gives regrets too. With Augmented reality in our side, errors too will be a method to gain knowledge and experience without any harsh changes in the reality.

More precisely, we could expect that AR will coin a new term to replace the phrase “Hands-on experience” as experiences does not need the physical presence of the object. Betterment of technology comes in hand with the development of augmented reality in the 21st century which makes the part of UX designers to explore the potentials of AR.

This article was written by Savier Mut Jabraj


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