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Be Outdoorsy! Boost your Sales with these 10 Strategies!

~Ananya Nair

Writing a book is one thing and promoting it is a whole other ball game, once the story is published and the books are out on the market, advertising them and attracting readers is the biggest need of the hour. While social media platforms and marketing are wonderful tools to promote one’s book, the impact created by outdoor marketing is more direct and adds to better recall value. A face-to-face connection with your readership and innovative ideas to step out and interact with people can allow for some wonderful networking opportunities and accelerate sales. Here are ten strategies to ensure a boost in sales once your art is out in the open!

  1. Start Attending Literary Events Authors can spread information about their published or upcoming projects by attending literary events and meeting like-minded people. These places are a hotbed for literary agents, publishers and readers to network and establish a framework of people. This also allows authors to gain insight into other perspectives, learn about other people’s art, interact with readers, and seek knowledge about what they are looking for and what they expect from the current generation of writers.

  2. Organize A Story Walk Authors can organize story walks at historical sites or frequently visited areas like local parks, heritage walks etc. All that needs to be done is that the author and their team can set up a few pop-ups and placards around the area and guide visitors through the storyline while also enjoying nature and connecting over a brisk walk in good weather, authors can go a step ahead and even provide complimentary drinks and snacks to those showing interest in the story walk, however, due to budgetary reasons even handmade placards and pop-ups with the storyline and pictures placed a few feet away from each other on a particular route can also arouse interest in the public.

  3. Set Up Readings Another way to boost sales and attract attention to your project is by setting up readings at local parks, bookstores or even book clubs. They can contact people who run these places and set up readings and circulate information about the reading, posting flyers at the local libraries, handing them out at said bookstores and parks etc. can allow for reader’s interest to be piqued and the element of attending a reading by the author themself can also be a fascinating factor.

  4. Get Your Local Community Involved Authors can get their local communities to support them by organizing events and spreading information about their projects. This can also be done by visiting local cafes, libraries, schools or event cultural centres. People often tend to support artists that come from their community as it brings a certain sense of pride along with it, this is a wonderful way to gather support and traction as well as lay the foundation for the sales of your project.

  5. Give Lectures, Workshops and Join Panels Authors can put themselves on the map by connecting to the students of their time. Giving lectures and hosting workshops at universities and schools, being a panellist at competitions etc. can allow for establishing oneself as an author for the youth and increase interest among the younger demographic to read and indulge in literary activities. It will also be an opportunity to advertise your skills and your book amongst youngsters who are an influential part of the population and often enjoy hegemony over literary and digital trends thus making a good impression on them cannot hurt!

  6. Do Book Signings Being present at book signings and meet and greets across cities can allow authors to develop a wide-stretching reader base and connect with people, people love to meet authors and get signed copies, these are often nostalgic memories for many people and thus give them that joy can be another delightful method of making sure people pick a book you wrote just to purchase it for a signed copy!

  7. Attend Literary Getaways Numerous literary platforms organize getaways to scenic locations for their audience to take a break and learn a skill like a poem writing, journaling, creative writing etc. As an author, you can enrol in such programs and kill two birds with one stone. You get to have a little scenic getaway of your own and meet people who are interested in learning and contributing to the literature. You can carry copies of your book here and even pitch signed copies to the readers who show interest!

  8. Go To Your Alma Mater! Authors can visit their old schools and university to connect with old teachers, juniors and other staff they might have known as a student. Here you can meet old relations and discuss your book at the same time, not only will it be a heartwarming experience for you it will also be a proud moment for your educators to see that you are now a published author!

  9. Brand Endorsements! Authors with sizeable social media followings often get approached by brands to endorse their products, if this happens to you, accept it! It is terrific PR for your book. You get to attend events with a diverse audience and turn them towards your book while you endorse something in which they are already interested.

  10. Socialize! The best physical marketing activity you can do is to socialize and network and attend parties and award ceremonies, you do not need to shy away from the glamorous cliche part of being an author. Use the fun to your advantage and make sure you always remember to slip in a word about yourself and your craft wherever you go and with whoever you meet. Many authors also choose to keep little goodies related to their books to hand out when they tell someone about their work, it could be a badge, a bookmark, a postcard, or anything to make it memorable works!


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