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Best Bookstores in Asia

From the mountainous countries of China, Japan, Korea, along the plain lands of India, Bangladesh stretching all the way to the land of The Kite Runner, Asia has been a hub for literature, knowledge and recreation. Although e-books are readily available but one might still enjoy the smell of freshly printed books and those that were stored there for hundreds of years. Bookstores are like gold mines for bookworms. If you are travelling to Asia, here are some of the bookstores you might want to put on your bucket list.

Wuguan Books

If you love reading books in a cozy and intimate environment, then this bookstore in definitely for you. This bookstore in Kaoshiung City, Taiwan will give you a magical experience. The whole place is filled with dimmed lights that illuminate each book captivating a candlelight effect.

Book and Bed

Are you a night owl who loves reading past midnight and then doze off? Book and Bed in Tokyo, Japan is made to suit your need for the finest moment of sleep. They book themed hostel so that you can devour them before dozing off to sleep. All you have to do is book a “BOOK DAY”.

David Sassoon Library

Located in Mumbai, India, this library was built in 1863 and has a Venetian Gothic structure that will give you the exact Hogwarts vibes you have been longing for. What makes the whole library more interesting is that it contains a large collection of very rare and old books stored in dark wooden cabinets.


Nilkhet is the largest second hand book store in Bangladesh and the second largest in South Asia after College Street, India. The whole place is notoriously cheap second-hand books. If you want to get lost in the labyrinth of bookstores, this place is ideal for you.

Starfield Library

This is the type of library every bookworm ever dreamed of. You will need a ladder to reach the top shelves. The whole store is located in the middle of a mall which gives a touch of fusion. Even if you don’t want to read a book, you might not want to miss the amazing architecture.


This article was written by Nafisa Ahmed.


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