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Best Literary Festivals Across the World

Embracing art and literature is one of the rock-solid foundations of humanity. Throughout the evolution of humankind, we have learned to embrace the commonality of the human race by leaning on the shoulders of diverse literature. Literary festivals emerged out of the core of literature unifying the world and have undoubtedly served its purpose, striking down walls and creating bridges. Every literary festival is a celebration of literature and arts, but authentic in its texture. Let’s explore the best literature festivals across the world.

Berlin International Festival

Conducted in the Haus der Berliner Festspiele in Schaperstrasse, Berlin, this literary festival is known for its emphasis on all forms of innovative literature. Berlin International festival is a 12-day journey embracing both well-known and unknown writers across the globe. The workshops held on every day of the festival is an attractive feature of the festival.

Brooklyn book festival

Held in the fall in Brooklyn, the Brooklyn book festival is known for themed reading and children day. The Brooklyn book festival is undoubtedly the best in the U.S and the world. Launched as a one-day literary event in 2006 the Brooklyn book festival has grown to an 8day literary festival celebrating authentic literature.

Hay Festival of literature and arts

Hay, a small market town is the sweet spot of well-known and aspiring writers for 10 days stretching from the end of May and to the first week of June. Addressed by Bill Clinton as the ‘Woodstock of the Mind”, Hay Festival of literature and arts is the best in the world accommodating literature across the world. Celebrated with success throughout these years the hay festival spread its wings to Spain, Mexico, and Peru.

Zee Jaipur literature festival

Known as the Greatest Literary Show on Earth‘, Zee Jaipur literature festival has succeeded in blending literature from the west and east in equal proportion since its inception in 2006. Directed by authors William Dalrymple and Namita Gokhale, the Jaipur literature festival throughout these years has emerged as one the best free literary festivals in the world, blending the diversity of the world with the authenticity of the pink city.

Ubud writers festivals

The idea that art is the real response to violence and its effects is the seed for Ubud writers festival, launched as a response to the 2004 bombing in Bali to boost the economy and assist the community. Now Ubud writers festival is one of the leading festivals in the world hosting writers, authors, and performers for a fabulous 5-day literary journey including launchings, workshops, discussions, and lot more.

Sydney writers festival

With more than 300 events on board, Sydney writers festival is a 5-day celebration of ideas around a central theme. Bringing performers, authors, thinkers from Australia, and all around the world, Sydney writers festival undoubtedly one of the best celebration of literature, arts, and ideas. Sydney writers festival has been lighting up the city of Sydney with the fire of literature since 1995.

In the wake of the new normal, it will interesting to watch the literary world changing its shape in the virtual space. Some of the major festivals have already established itself in the virtual space and it will be interesting for book lovers and authors alike to watch the rise of many new literary festivals in the online world. But there is no doubt that till humans live, the celebration of literature prevails.

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This article was written by Irin Anna Cherian.


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