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Building Brand Awareness with Pop-Up Shops for Book Promotions

~ Claudia Kwantini

Pop-up shops are a great way to kick-start your small business or brand. If you are finally ready to launch your book and are searching for a place to start and some sales. Pop-up shops are a fantastic way to raise brand awareness.

One of the most important things to do before setting up a shop is to advertise. It doesn't matter how good your book is, how unique it is or how nice your pop-up stand looks. If no one knows about it, you won't get sales, and you can't raise brand awareness either. Advertise your pop-up stand. Make flyers and posters and hang them up or distribute them. Have people know that you're popping up and when. The same goes for when you intend to have a stand that's located at some event. Let some people know.

Location. Setting up your store in the perfect spot is crucial. You need to know where to situate your shop, are the people you want to reach here? The best thing about pop-up shops is that they allow the owner to be among their customers. Unlike traditional stores where the customer has to go all the way to get their thing. So choose your location well, choose a place your people are already waiting for. Do some research on the location. How is the traffic at that particular location, and do the others selling there makes a decent amount of money?

Decorate your pop-up stand. Put effort in. People are usually drawn to brighter colours or just a cute store with a visible theme. Centre the theme around your genre so that it can draw in your potential customers. Darker themes would arouse the curiosity of horror lovers etc. So know your niche and make sure that your pop-up store speaks for you and does an impressive job in speaking with your customers.

Experience. Pop-up shops are a great way to get customers into your product. The superior thing about physical stores over digital stores is that customers get to experience the product first before buying it. So many digital buyers aren't sure of what they're buying and can get nervous. So, it wouldn't be such a bad idea to allow them to read the first few pages before they get to make that big decision. It forms some kind of bond between the customers and your book. They get a feel of your writing and can decide if it's what they want. Leave an imprint on your customers. Make them feel good, be kind, be open. Answer their questions and make them curious about your book (by sharing your input).

Package. Another thing is, to make sure you have something to place the people's new product in. It doesn't have to be fancy. But where you can, you should aim to make your packages stand out as well. The bags you sell can also be used as marketing. Especially if it has your details or your logo on it.

Many people make the mistake of not having packaging for the customers. You must put in effort into everything you do because people will care as much as you do. So make sure you care.

Collaborate. Work with others in your field. To many others, pop shops are their way of life. Get into those circles and kind of learn from them. Many experts want to help others just starting, and that's where you come in. If that's not your style, then do it solo by following them from a distance. Connect with others on Facebook groups and see upcoming events, buy your stall and mix with others like you.

If it is possible, sell something related to your book as another form of PR. A necklace with a quote from your book, t-shirts with your book cover. Add a thank-you card with each purchase. If you can.

Get involved in your community as your brand. Not only is it good for those benefiting from whatever it is you're deciding to help with, but it's a great way to generate brand awareness. Especially if you're setting up your stand and it's relevant.

Use social media to let people into your pop-up stand journey. Many people love rooting for others, and a lot of love seeing someone's success behind the scenes. It makes your digital supporters feel like they're getting to know you on a personal basis, and occasionally they would even go as far as show up just to support you and to see you. If you make the experience fun enough, it would elicit the desire to be at a marketplace or to be involved.

Use special seasons and holidays. Have sales or promotions with any and every season that pops up. It's during these special occasions when people want to buy someone they love a gift. That gift could be your book if you take that opportunity to do seasonal promotions and marketing.

Offer discounts and run promotions, at first at least. People aren't familiar with your brand or your book at first, and at this point, you have to give them a taste. You have to sell your idea to them, and most people love a bargain.

If you have positive reviews of your book, make sure to showcase these reviews. It adds credibility. People would feel more comfortable knowing that what they're spending their money on is worth it, so ease your customers and show them that you're good at what you do.

Focus on quality. Whatever you do, wherever you can, make sure to give your customers only the best. That shouldn't be compromised. People tend to return to stores that take pride in what they sell and that sell quality goods. Your book must be of high quality, the cover must be done professionally. How you conduct yourself must be professional and how you interact with your customers and with those around you. Always strive to give your customers the best experience. They remember that and tell others about you and your store.

In conclusion, pop-up stands would be an excellent start for creating a buzz around your book or brand. You get to test the waters before going full-blown, and you get to see the response people have when it comes to your book. It helps you build a firm foundation as an author and does wonders in terms of results.


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