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eBooks or Paperbacks?

eBooks vs Paperbacks.

The decision really depends on individual preference. But doesn’t it create a battleground among the generations? The person who was used to visit the library and create memories with the pages doesn’t prefer eBooks on a regular basis. But some feels heavy Paperbacks like a bag full of bricks. They are used to read an eBook. Therefore the preference also varies from people to people.

eBooks and Paperbacks both have some advantages and disadvantages. eBooks have no hassle to carry. The freedom of the future can get only through one device that can hold a hundred or thousand of books. Readers like to pass their long travel time by reading books or magazines. While travelling sometimes it may be a problem to carry a Paperback. Besides, at that time, the reader even doesn't have a mind to read the book that he has brought earlier. But then the reader can't go for a change. In this case, eBook is a good solution. No need to carry the weight. There are lots of option for e-readers to choose their preferred book. Readers can change books anytime.

Another amenity of ebooks is it's very handy to use even while one is doing work. The audible version let the readers listen to the book while doing household or other works. Over and above, the readers don’t need to go outside for buying a book. Which costs more money, energy and time. They can get any book even while sitting on the couch. One need just two things, internet connection and a digital device. By these two things, readers can get any book anywhere. Students don’t need to carry a heavy bag. They can read and mark important information. Apart from these, if they want they can store important information by just copying and pasting in an individual file.

One drawback of eBooks is the missing of the traditional touch of print papers. While reading an eBook one only can enjoy the content. But a real book gives the pleasure of both reading the content and feeling the book by touching and changing the pages. This feeling gives them more realistic images and can again touch and read the spot of the page where they create memories. Even readers irrespective of any generation more like to read the real newspaper than online newspaper. Moreover, many of us like to collect the books of our favourite authors. In this case, a bookshelf full of the favourite books is more preferable than a folder full of eBooks.

However, the advanced technologies free us to worry about finding a book from here and there or losing an important book and carrying a heavyweight. Availability and easily manageable capacity make the eBooks very popular among the readers. But still, if they sometimes want the taste of classic feeling, they can go back to the old habit of reading the Paperbacks.

This article was written by Nazneen Jabeen.


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