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Figments of Imagination: A Creative Writing Workshop

Even great and celebrated writers need room for improvement. Ukiyoto Publishing offers you a creative writing workshop that allows you, either an aspiring writer or a published one, to interact and ask the things that are essential for you to create and finish a story. When we speak about completing a story, two things that cross our minds. First, it is really hard. It is very difficult to maintain your creativity and stick to your outline until the end of your story. Second, it gets bloody. Countless sleepless nights and lots of candles burnt to produce a good quality manuscript. However, completing a manuscript is not just your job. You also need to find ways and techniques on how to make your readers keep on reading.

That is the challenge for all writers including those who are already established in the writing industry. Creativity does not flow overnight. It takes a lot of researches, ideas, and inspirations to make your work compelling. Readers do not like to be disappointed so you have to keep their interest intact. If you fail to do so, the worst that can happen is that they will avoid your next work because they did not forget how you made them feel when they read your previous book.

According to Ann Garvin, a USA Today Best Selling Author, that if writers want a writing career, they need to practice the craft of both hooking and keeping; it is not about the one-night stand, it is about the relationship. Now, readers pick up a book that will hook their interest when they read the first few lines, but they will put it back down if it did not catch their interest in the long run. Writers need to plan out how they could pull the reader’s interest until the end of the story. Participating in this creative writing workshop can help writers who are struggling to work it out.

The workshop will give you insights into some ways and techniques that may help you in this kind of situation wherein you have a difficulty in making your readers stick up to the last page of your book. Some of them in a nutshell are:

  • Start your narration at a critical and very important moment of your story. Although there are so many ways in writing the very first scene of your story, this one can also help. Readers’ interest can be hooked when they are curious about a certain thing. Questions like “What will happen next? “Why does it happen in the first place?”, and “How does the protagonist overcome this dilemma?” will start to arise in their minds. That curiosity alone will make them keep on reading your work to find answers in the forwarding events.

  • Bring spice to your story. Make use of conflict because that is one of the things that can help in keeping the readers’ eyes on the pages of your book. Reasonable conflicts all over your characters can make the readers want to solve it out with the characters they are betting on in your story. Aside from conflicts, twists and turns in the plot can also do the job. The surprises usually have a long-lasting effect on your readers who are highly likely to remember your book more than the ones they read without the twists.

  • Make a compelling antagonist. In today’s era, most writers are making a backstory for their antagonists as to why they became the villain in the protagonists’ world. At times, it makes the readers confuse whether they will be rooting for them or just stick to the good characters that are present in the story. It creates emotional havoc for readers making them want to keep up and see what the resolution, in the end, will be.

  • Avoid writing stories or scenes that are easy to predict. Though most times, it cannot be helped. Yes, you can write cliché scenes. However, there is a technique on how to use that properly so that it will not bore the readers to death. Predicting what happens next is one of the most enjoyable things out there when people read a book. You can apply twists to make them feel like a detective analyzing the puzzling pieces wherein their deductions may turn out to be correct.

These are just a few of the several things that you can learn in the upcoming creative writing workshop. Figments of Imagination offers writers who are willing to invest in their passion a lot of takeaways that they can use in crafting, writing, and moulding their stories better. With the help of this creative writing workshop organised by Ukiyoto Publishing, you can learn everything you want to know on how to make your story successful.

The workshop will take place on May 22, 2021, from 1 pm to 3 pm under the tutelage of Ms. Emerald Blake, a renowned creative writing coach based in the Philippines. Prepare and take note of all the questions you want Coach Emerald Blake to answer. She conducts workshops every time she gets a chance, and that is almost always, so she knows how the world of writing works like it is the back of her palm.

In this creative writing workshop, you can turn your raw manuscripts into a solid and published book and also get a chance to bag PHP 2500 as a cash prize for the Best Writer Award. Ukiyoto Publishing will take and evaluate your manuscript that will serve as a submission for publishing. If your work meets the quality standards and gets accepted, Ukiyoto, the traditional publishing company will make your work ready to be published in digital, paperbacks, and hardbacks format for the world to see.

To motivate you to participate in the workshop and to leverage such an amazing opportunity, Ukiyoto Publishing offers you an early bird discount if you register now until April 30, 2021. Check out our website: to know more about this interactive creative writing workshop.

Turn your weaknesses into strengths and be the world’s next bestselling author.




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