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Here's How You Develop a Reading Habit

8 ways to fit reading in a hectic schedule!

by Niña F. Viloria

A habit once formed will be part of the daily routine of a person; it will be a lifelong commitment if it's nurtured.

Forming a good habit is essential to every single person in this world. It is needed for our daily life or it’s for our growth as individuals. Deciding to start a reading habit requires consistency and dedication. Reading books it's a hobby that can be done by anyone and can be a source of entertainment.If you really want to acquire this habit you may consider starting today.

Here are some tips on how to cultivate a reading habit.

  • Find the book you are more interested in.

Fiction books are more common to be picked by younger generations as it is allowing them to pick different genres from comedy, horror, romance etc. However, adults are more into books that give them help in professional aspects or for themselves. Whatever it is as long as it makes it easier for someone to get into a habit of reading it would definitely be awesome to work on.In addition, to this if you ever get confused have a recommendation from your family or close friends to start with then later on you will see what genre fits you the most.

  • Read a short story.

A lot of bestselling author advice to aspiring writer is to start in writing short story rather writing a novel same as goes to forming a reading habit. Starting from a novel is not ideal it will get a person bored and will eventually feel sleepy but starting from a short compelling story would make a person curios to read more or if you really want to start with a novel then read a few pages day by day it is not needed to finish the whole book right away.

  • Avoiding the most common distractions.

In the past we had televisions to distract us from finishing our chores but nowadays we have several distractions from our mobile phone, computers etc. We can’t even give time holding a book or reading an ebook.To begin with, turn off any devices near you and put it away somewhere not reachable if you are trying to read a physical book.

  • Join a community of readers.

Joining a book club inspires you to continue reading or even cultivating it. With fellow readers you are able to learn different genres and able to adopt their style when it comes to reading likewise aspire you to become more into it.

  • Finding a quiet place to read.

A quiet place can really be helpful to not be distracted by anything. So when planning to read for one week there should be a designated area to go to.

  • Set a time aside to read.

Consistently adhering to reading a book for about thirty minutes or one hour can be beneficial to form a reading habit that can be beneficial in the long run. Planning your day and setting aside a time to your habits are impressive to do for improvements of one self.

  • Ask yourself why.

Is it for personal pleasure or for transformation of thyself? Reading books can transform life and if it is used in the right way a lot of people indeed, can be a changed person. But asking yourself why you are reading might find the answer or it may give a purpose at the end of the day.

  • Make it enjoyable.

Some people read as if it is a chore or responsibility so when you decide to have a habit of reading make it pleasurable that you seem to do it without hesitation. Along with good ambiance of a place, have some comfortable chair with coffee or tea on the table.

In professional life we all work to pay our bills or any activity that involves money. As a person who always looks for ways to get a source of income I hardly get time to read books these days. Even my friends stated that they are bookworms who rarely read now due to busy schedules. So starting a reading habit might be hard for working people or for students to do on a daily basis. But if you really want to increase your knowledge and improve your life ,you still must find a time to read books even in a hectic schedule.

So here are the simple ways in reading effectively amidst a busy schedule.

  • Read before going to sleep.

Spending time for about ten minutes just to read books before sleeping can effectively help you. It will be developed as a routine that it is not required to have second thoughts in doing it every night but it goes without planning. Even on a busy day there will be a time for people to lay down in bed and get some books to read.

  • Use Audio books

Downloading an audiobook to any device and listening to it while doing some chores can be also effective because it also develops your creativity and imagination just like holding a conventional book.It is another way to have a productive day.

  • Always carry a book or download an ebook while traveling.

It is a good practice to have a book whenever you are planning to travel, waiting for someone or having an appointment to a doctor. It is always a great pass time.

  • Add reading into your daily plan

Having a mindset that if you are always busy try to do some unproductive hours to build a habit just like reading. You have 24 hours in a day so most likely there will be a time for you to give some time into it.

  • Read a single book at a time.

One of the reason why they may have time to read but because of confusion with a lots of books into their shelves give them the idea to just procrastinate and turned down books. However, if there is specific goal to read a single book for one week, reading a genre that you are totally interested in that would be marvelous.

  • Read with your family members.

Usually when reading alone there will be a boredom on your side but when with someone you are comfortable to have a discussion about the book and it also gives a time for your loved ones to spend with you.

  • Prioritize reading .

Having time to scroll social media or watch some videos on youtube unless educational purposes but if not then it is not beneficial at all. Make most of your time into a habit that will help you to improve rather than those activities. If some say that they don’t have time to do reading and prefer to read some mean tweets on the internet it's something that we can conclude that the person has poor time management skill.

  • Make time or find time.

Whatever reason that you can’t read on a daily basis, at least start realizing that books will not adjust for you.Yourself alone should make time to do this stuff otherwise years will pass and your knowledge will become stagnant.

Final Thoughts.

Not sure how to start? Why not start reading for fun then when things go well then begin to do something difficult but fulfilling.Otherwise, if you keep on telling next week , next year…so on that would be promising without actions.If one’s have time management skill reading will not be as hard as it seems to be. For someone who knows how to value her/his time and getting some skills worth mastering are a person would likely be successful in the future. Almost all the billionaire and the most intelligent people in the world have a reading habit. They acquire their knowledge through reading books to the extent they used it to inspire others or in any field they are in. The question is when do you want to begin developing a reading habit? Or perhaps you just want to cultivate other habits. What would it be?


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