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How to get your book noticed by a journalist or get press coverage

As an author or content writer if completing an article or writing a book is the first task, the second task is to ensure the visibility of the work. That is an author’s task, it does not end at providing an ending to a story. Rather it is only the beginning of the process of publishing a book. Therefore as an author, one needs to learn hacks to gain press coverage or media attention. Few meaningful ways to get one’s book noticed by a journalist or to get press coverage are discussed below:

1. Identify your target audience: Clearly identify the target audience so that you’re approaching the right media that caters to that audience. Remember, you’re using the media to reach people who should be interested in your book, so you need to approach the right media—the outlets that cater to your end-user i.e. readers, since no book is right for everyone.

2. Shower your fans with giveaways: For promoting on social media like Facebook and Instagram or conducting interviews on radio, television, and podcasts—offer book giveaways to your fans. Giveaways prompt call-ins to shows, spark listener questions, and they’re a great way to generate interest in your book and communicate with people. There’s a common belief that giving away books to people who call into a show often makes others believe the book must be special.

3. The art of crafting a press release: Although many things have changed in the publicity and media industries, press releases are still important. A press release is the foundation of your promotional platform. You must learn how the pro authors do it and follow their style. Don't assume you know how to write a press release simply because you’re a good writer. Press releases follow specific formats and styles. Learn them and utilise it to grab the attention of the media!

4. Try to remain patient: Book publicity is more a marathon than a sprint. Media coverage is not a one-and-done proposition—it must be sustained to spark book sales and generate other opportunities. You will inevitably hear “no” more than “yes” when trying to secure media coverage. Every self-published author does. Every professional publicist does. It’s the nature of book publicity. But you should never give up and always remain patient and hopeful!

5. Power of social media: Try to promote your writing on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and so on. The more readers you can engage via posts, comments and sharing experiences, higher the chances of getting your book noticed by a journalist or the media. When readers can connect to your book by seeing posts related to it in social media, they will also share it and put it on stories which will result in massive press coverage of your book!

No matter how wonderful a story or a book is, without proper media attention or an active promotion the author can’t sell it to the right readers. Thus as an author, you must know these hacks on how to get your books noticed by journalists or get media coverage. With the perfect book promotion campaigns, you can get the desired response from the audiences and see your book become a success!

This article was written by Jinnatul Raihan Mumu.


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