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How to start writing a story?

The world tends to be more supportive and reasonable when you think of writing. But what happens when you hold your pen is a big existential question which itself arises as a question. Ever think of getting Writer's block before even writing something pr at the verge of starting to write your work? Relax; you are in a right phase. A leopard always steps little back to begin raiding. You never need to start writing like Tolstoy. Just start writing about a tall toy. Surprisingly, you may achieve being Tolstoy or Poe on day.

To start with something serious; never be serious. Just scribble the thoughts, scrabble the words that’s all you need to be worried. Never be worried, thoughts will take you wherever you need to go and whatever you need to be packed up with. Just go on with the flow initially. Draft it all you can and all your mind needs to be gone to the paper through paper. Masterpieces can be made within a day with all your heart. Believe in yourself. Here comes the piece for people who need stuffs like cutting the line directly to the point,

  • To start with writing something, write everything out of your heart. Just pen it down without taking care of the grammar and the lexical beauties. Raw languages consists most of the beauty of the concept like ‘the untamed beauty’.

  • When you are done emptying the concepts to the paper, make the content into beautiful chunks of coherent concepts. Make the sentences look simple with elegant but reasonably new words. Avoid ambiguous sentences and words also more complex and lengthier sentences.

  • Do not force more complex concepts out of your system to paper. It is not the complexity which makes someone a great and intellect in writing. One can showcase their artistic qualities even in simple contents with their unique style ‘penning it down’.

  • Making the target audience to go clueless to search for things to invocate their eagerness is a good quality to gain their attention and to charm their senses for effective communication to be successful.

  • One needs to be balanced in showcasing one’s one hand. You will never be sure to cater the need of the recipients fully but, make sure you achieve as much as you can. Give your writing piece a holistic development. Never give importance to the area where you feel you are strong.

As a concluding note, to all the dear ‘stressed but eager to write something’ guys out there, Do it or be done with it but, lets first draft it. You may even feel astonished by yourself when it gets a form. “Thoughts leave you half way to make you earn your greatness”.

This article was written by Savier Mut Jabraj.


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