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Literary Festivals Not To Be Missed!

Vibrant with literature and music, the writers' festivals across the globe attract audience from far and wide to participate, enjoy and unwind while networking with like minded fellow compatriots.

They are also meeting points of authors, writers, publishers, industry professionals and literary agents to share and discuss their thoughts and ideas.

Here's a look at few of the most rated Literary Festivals across the world,

1) Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

Tentative Time: October

Venue: Bali, Indonesia

With open air venues, lavish cocktail parties and lush tropical views, nothing could get better than diving into this extravagant affair of art and literature at Bali.

2) Melbourne Writers' Festival

Tentative Time: August

Venue: Melbourne, Australia

One of the world's biggest and brightest literary events this one is surely not to be missed

3) Book Passage Travel Writers & Photographers Conference

Tentative Time: August

Venue: San Francisco, USA

This four (4) day event comprises part conference and part festival with not to miss networking sessions with publishers and writers from all across the world

4) Jaipur Literary Festival

Tentative Time: January

Venue: Jaipur, India

Conducted over three (3) to four (4) days at the cultural hub of India, this festival boasts of entertaining festival attendees with addictive book reading sessions and author workshops

5) The Bookworm International Literary Festival

Tentative Time: March

Venue: Beijing, China

Hosted by Beijing's Bookworm bookstore, this exciting event spreads across several weeks and focusses more on the literature in Asia


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