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The Secrets of Making a Glorious Book Launch in Malaysia

It is every aspiring writer’s dream to introduce their literary work to the world in the best and memorable way possible. Earlier, such momentous moments used to be a highly exclusive occasion in Malaysia, but with the rise of numerous independent publishers many young writers have been able to celebrate the birth of their written work in a smaller yet more intimate setting. To secure a well-received event, you would need to go back to the basics and solve some of the basic questions.


How much should I spend?

If money is a constraint, then this should be the very first question you answer. You need to think about renting a venue and getting promotional materials among others. Keep in mind, a successful book launch does not necessarily have to be fancy or grand. By using a simple yet creative approach, the event could still be enjoyable to those who attend. If you are backed up with a publishing company, they would normally take care of that although you still need to provide some monetary contribution to help them make preparations.

How many people should I invite?

For a book launch set at a small or exclusive space, the attendance would strictly be by invitation. This situation is suitable if you prefer a special and personal event involving only your family and friends. However, if it is at a public area such as a shopping mall or during a book fair, it will be open to anyone who is interested. You are encouraged to go with this option if you want to promote and spread the word about the release of your new book.


What should I prepare?

Long before the event, you should heavily promote it on every social media platform you can think of, whether you are doing it privately or publicly. The more engagement you can create, the more successful your event would be.

Other than a planned event itinerary, as an author you are also expected to come up with a welcoming speech during the event. Arrangements should be made in advance in case some of the attendees would like to buy the book directly from you. Make sure you provide them with flexible payment options (cash or electronic). You may consider offering discounts or deals to increase the number of purchases, which may include giving freebies.


When should I organize the event?

Most publishers would choose to set the launch event on weekends. Obviously, this is because by doing so more people can participate. Even if they are required to schedule the event for a weekday, they would most probably pick a time where most people can make it to the launch, such as after working hours or during lunchtime. If you are doing it independently, it is better for you to first ask the availability of those you would like to invite. This would prevent lesser turnout.


Where should I hold the event?

There are many options to choose from. You can have your book launch at a bookstore or a library. You can also go for a more relaxed and casual area such as a cafe or a function room. However, the most optimal location for the event should be easily accessible by many people. Try finding a place situated near an LRT or MRT station or a place which is more easily accessible by. Public transportation, as well as one with adequate parking spaces and other facilities.

There is however a very special spot that many Malaysian authors would die to have their book launch event being held at: the annual Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair (KLIBF). Attended by tens of thousands of people from various walks of life each year, KLIBF is the perfect place if you want to ensure a nationwide exposure for your book. If getting a slot at the main stage seems impossible, you can always have your book launch at your publisher’s booth.

A successful book launch is the one that is well-organized. Hence, coming up with a structured plan from A to Z would ensure a seamless event that you yourself would be able to enjoy with other people.


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