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This is How Writers Promote Their Works on Social Media

The importance of using keywords effectively!

by Ann Suyod

Words hold meaning for all kinds of reasons. When we analyze them, it never loses its definition as long as there’s a speaker existing. In the world of social media, there are keywords that introduce topics that digital natives communicate about.

Writing can be created that may be interpreted in numerous ways. Authors do that in their profession and it’s normal to find content in a repeating manner, since we find words everywhere. Life has taught us to use words wisely and we apply it to our media use–well, you can have it vice versa.

Every post in social media is targeted for a specific audience. When we look for something online, we usually rely on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Bing. With only one word, there are websites, blogs, and even social media that appear in a page result, out of approximately thousands or millions of sites that may contain the content you want to see.

With this, user experience will come into play, where it will determine how much the content around the internet is viewed. In the present, we can identify anything from social media, where their keyword search gets to look at the posts that are related to what is searched upon. The way the algorithm works today changed the way people consume social media sites.

If you are an author who wishes for your work to be recognized, you already know that social media is the way to go. It teaches how to attract target audiences and upgrade your standing as a social media figure. On the other hand, to learn about search engine optimization and pay-per-check advertising can be tough. So, let’s describe what are keywords first.

What Are Keywords Anyway?

Keywords are the words and phrases used to look for information that a user wanted to know. In searching for what a topic means or learning an unfamiliar idea, keywords are made for easier and faster search within digital spaces. From using keywords effectively, it’s helpful for content creators to be discovered by anyone who’s interested or curious enough to see their posts.

As someone who wanted to build their brand and let their books be known, you, the author, would definitely use your creative skills to market yourself in social media. And if you want to be relevant and gain more audiences, using keywords related to your content is one thing to do.

Here’s the catch though: you have to specify how often your ideas for keywords pop on different social media sites.

See Keywords This Way…

The way to look into that is of course, research. Doing your keyword research would help you in your social media success. Follow what’s going on around the community you want to dive in, or search for what’s popular around the genres and literatures you’re going for.

Typically, your critical strategy on what keywords to use should match in your expertise and the content you bring in your social media pages. Whenever you try to look for a specific word or phrase, you should find its relation in all the things you post, may it be a simple quote from your work, an image, or a video.

What appeals to your audience will be the main component in what keywords you will use. But then, there’s also a variety of ways to look at keywords and how it works in different social media systems. You may look into strategies that may occur to be effective in some websites, but not in some of them would be interesting enough. If it is intimidating, that’s okay especially if it’s your first time, as long as you keep in mind to be aware and more knowledgeable in using them as time progresses.

How Important Are Keywords?

In your personal social media marketing and branding, your main goal is to find support and gain recognition from both your audience and the algorithm itself. Social media has always been fast-paced when it comes to trends and you have to grab your opportunities in a timely manner or you will lose your chances. Keywords are important to get your targeted reach and engagements.

You may find them too common or vague, but keywords are used to define what contents are available in social media. To be found by your target audience is your goal and you have to adjust your content in ways that could lead to your potential reach.

In addition to that, there's another thing that keywords are similarly used nowadays: Hashtags.

When you think of hashtags, you may remember it used for the trending topics on Twitter. The hashtag sign is mainly tags of topics that interest people. Now that tags are used as topics to get into by users, exploring all kinds of content has been more accessible. Having conversations based on hashtags is more frequent than ever, and it makes social media livelier. Though, be reminded that there’s a lot of competition in social media.

Now, How to Use Keywords?

From communities around all social media sites, you may already know what keywords to use for your promotion and brand as an author. Just like any user, you wanted your content to be visible with your audience. Words like “book” or “fiction” can be helpful enough, but as there are a lot of influencers who use them as their content, your target audience may or may not see your social media presence.

But never underestimate the way authors do their work. They all exist to bring words into life, and it’s not exceptional for those who do books anyway. With the variety of authors around social media, it’s a profession that can be presented in a lot of ways. Take words as a way to not just market yourself but to let the world know what you can present to them.

To make use of keywords, you should first search at what piques your interest that your target audience would also be curious about you. Branding yourself as an author should be around the areas on your content and what it’s all about. It should be simple yet can be thought of regularly and may even occur through their minds.

From social media websites to blog websites, authors write anything that needs a title. For their work to be published, there must be keywords that can pinpoint what the written output is about. To use the topics at hand, keywords must be made strong and direct, and still be vocabulary-known by most of your audience.

If you want to use more than just one platform for your social media presence, determine not only the uniqueness of the systems but also the similarities that can be applied and make it appear in your posts. It’s not to be lazy, but to make it efficient for you. While at the same time, your audience can find you fast and see you on another social media. Then again, choose your keywords wisely.

Speaking of, note that you also must create a signature branding in your keywords. Now, this must not be a lingering pressure on you if you have not thought about that yet. But like mentioned earlier, hashtags are used often to look for the topics known around social media. With millions of words published every second, there should be keywords you and only you can use to leave a mark on your social media promotions.

There are competitors along your way and you can assure yourself to look at their techniques. But keep your brand consistent and true to you, still. You should find the niche in your content, not just to make yourself cooler (that should be one of your goals, though) but for social media to recognize your brand, too.

With that, you may also use taglines. Some authors may use quotes as taglines for the readers to find what works were they came from. It can also be taglines that are somewhat used as the work titles, which is easier to find. As a matter of fact, content creators are known not just for their online personality, but for their signature one-liners that are used as their brand or when they try to advertise a sponsorship.

But if you want to be heavily reliant on hashtags since it’s more built towards social media sites like Instagram and TikTok, you can search for the relevant posts that are connected with your content. There are some posts that receive a lot of reactions and you can do the same path. Just be careful of those spam posts that you may find and avoid looking for suspicious posts that may contain virus links.

Lastly, using keyword tools are an advantage when researching popular and trending content. Services like search engine optimization (or SEO) is applicable to all search engines and even social media websites. You can gain more audiences by understanding how it works.

Although there are services that can give you the best identification of your social media presence, you can be knowledgeable about it yourself, too. Make your personal outlook on how to use keywords as presentable and quirky as possible. Commonality of something is trending at the moment, but as an author, you can insert your way by doing what’s leveled-up than usual. It can be risky, but to have your own style and voice can get your audiences’ attention!

There’s always something new going in the algorithms. That being said, it’s also fine to get some inspiration from search suggestions, too. As long as it’s based and/or related to the topic you have published and can appear in your social media pages, you can include some words as your keywords.

Make it sure that you’re always open to monitor your social media activity and your search engine optimization. It is surely an overwhelming feeling to look at your performances in your pages or accounts, but your keywords are the main components as to why your presence can be in a good standing or not. If you find out how it happens, you can approach it at a new level. Keywords are essential for your content and you must use them to your advantage. Create them in such ways that can possibly get you much higher recognition in social media.

Sure, you may check Google and you’re good to go, but it’s not bad to find a second opinion on how your social media is doing. There’s tons of websites that can measure how strong your keywords are to be included in the first page of your search results.


Social media sites work uniquely. What we mean by that is naturally how their systems operate and the process of data input from the users’ accounts. Even with the trending topics going around the internet, it still depends on how the users are actively looking into it. Your audiences are the crucial part of your social media branding, but it always starts and ends by how you use your words. To benefit from your popularity relies on how you handle your social media.

There’s no one-way or two-way in producing content, and so is creating keywords for your social media growth. As authors, we write our way out to express what we would want to say to the world. In social media, there’s countless ways to do that. It’s understandable that whenever we try to keep up with the trends and hot topics surrounding social media can be the most helpful. Of course, let’s not forget to find what separates us from the usual content that is seen by our audience.

Since all authors have their own ways to perceive life, you can start from there. Learning how to use social media is a vague way to identify how to fit into the spaces of digital users’ life. But with words as powerful and captivating, you can see yourself with keywords to inspire and be known by many. Maybe one day, such kind of recognition will be gracefully brought to many aspiring authors like us.


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