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Tips on Creating an Engaging Blog

Is your blog engaging enough?

Do readers find value addition while reading your blog? Is your write up informative?

In times when most of our daily activities have transferred to being online, it is essential to make your activity on your blog as engaging as possible. This not only marks the success of the write up but also yields the required returns on the time devoted to writing the blog.

The primary objective of any blog is to attract visitors, increase site traffic and produce quality informative content which readers feel good to read.

Here are few tips and techniques to make your blog highly engaging,

a. Relevant Content – First and foremost it is essential to write content which is relevant to your subject or website or area of interest. This creates a niche for your blog and visitors would keep coming back to read more about the specific topic. You may be wanting to write about plenty of things which are going on in your mind, but it is better to take a particular area and revolve the content around the same field.

b. User Interface – Create an interface which is easy to view, looks tidy and is to the point. It becomes extremely difficult to focus if you have plenty of advertisements on your site or ad sense which diverts the readers’ attention to something else than your subject. Also, the readers tend to move out of your site and later may try to find the same information on some other site.

c. Implement Responsive Design - According to a survey conducted in google for mobile visitors, 84% of users who don’t like what they find on a mobile site will look for the information they need on another site. Also, 49% of users said a bad experience on viewing a site on mobile made them less likely to engage with the site. These figures justify why a response design is essential to keep the viewers engaged in both desktop and mobile versions.

When people visit a site on a mobile device, they can scroll vertically to see the content options instead of scrolling horizontally. It may not sound that important, but it makes a huge difference in the user’s experience.

When the site is responsive in mobile, readers will stay put and they don’t need to leave your site to go to a more user-friendly website with the same information.

d. Include Interactive and Graphic Designs – Readers may look for creative or relevant elements while reading the blog. While it is essential to have relevant subject content, it is also extremely important that the content is broken into shorter paragraphs with relevant pictorial representations or photos. A readers finds it more interesting to view a blog with some photos or graphs than read a text all throughout.

e. Relevant Keywords and Hashtags – In order to have your blog come up in search results, mention relevant keywords all throughout the content and place hashtags wherever applicable. While the keywords help the search engine to find particular content, hashtags in turn help in getting found for that particular topic by which a person searches or uses his own hashtags.

f. Being original – Since the content in any blog is essential to be qualitative, be original and write on your own. For write ups which are copied or taken from some other source, not only does it look bad for plagiarism but also go down in search engine rankings.


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