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�A life of happiness would be hell on earth.�
When Grace finally decided to end her life, the last thing she expected was to meet a stranger simply gazing at the stars, dangling his feet over the edge of the bridge, exactly where she had planned to jump into the abyss and end it all.
What was supposed to be the last hour of Grace�s life became the hour in which she poured her drunken, broken heart out to a stranger over a bottle of scotch and a fresh round of tears.
However, before they parted their ways, the stranger offered her a deal: she must promise to hold on to her life for another seventeen days, and afterwards, she could do with it whatever she liked. He promised to even attend her funeral if he couldn�t change her mind.
But why seventeen days? And why did this stranger even care? There was more to him than what met the eye, and compelled by her curiosity, Grace couldn�t refuse. Maybe these seventeen days will only prolong her suffering. Or maybe they�ll open her eyes to a part of life she never knew existed, full of hope for a brighter future. And maybe, just maybe, she�ll belong somewhere, even for a fleeting time.

17 Days and Die

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  • Ishika Jain
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