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This book has been conceptualized in response to the current educational milieu which may trigger myriad of challenges and problems along school leadership and management that will most likely put to test the leadership skills of a school manager. The first chapter offers philosophical data on the leadership outlooks of principals and teachers in manning the schools amid pandemic. The second part offers some essential concepts on becoming a catalyst leader of the educational institution. To supplement, through the leadership primer which offers philosophical understanding of how can a leader in the context of school management achieve the goals of the organization; it is therefore expected that leaders may go an extra mile on their current stations. Create a new leader and continue to inspire others by doing what is best for all. Remember also to remain focused and steadfast to your goals as onlookers abound when one does and achieves great things in life.  

21st Century School Leadership - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083826
  • Dr. Michael L Estremera