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"5Sights of Light is made by 5 talented beauties. It�s a colorful bouquet of flowers!
This vibrant flower bouquet of light is crystallized in the form of art, delicacy, romance � spectacular and glamor, seems to be both near and far, here and there, inviting us to admire and discover more. 
This vibrant flower bouquet of light is presented through poetry by five souls full of life and energy filled with the love for human and life. Is it why the light shone from them turning into the Coriolis effect, the spin of the Earth that comes into play and create special sublimation. 
Not only that, but we listen to the sounds in the moving of 5Sights of Light. The sounds produced by a pentatonic scale, which coincides with the major pentatonic scale of Vietnamese sound expressed in instruments and vocals. Each of these poets contributing to these five colors of light is a sound note in this pentatonic folk melody. Their Viet spirit is filled with music and verses, emitting wonderful backing sounds. Not only that, their resonance has the beauty of semi classic because they are fluent in Vietnamese and not too bad in English at all, they open their heart to the world through English language and they are also a bridge to connect different cultures and countries. You and I, we are going to follow a part of their journey through their wonderful writing putting together to make 5Sights of Light. We want to travel along their creeds, like a sharp Christian!

5 SIGHTS OF LIGHT - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083191
  • Hanoi Female Translators