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One day, you�ll see a star shining in the sky, and it�s me watching you from a far.�  Stella Emery Bautista was admitted on the hospital since she found out that she has a serious illness that slowly could kill her body.  However, despite of being sick...  she managed to find her long lost older sister- Sky. That was her only one last wish, before she walks on. Until on day, a news just came that almost wrecked her life.  She also promised to herself that she won�t open her heard for somebody anymore, the doctor said, she only have few more months to stay alive.   Unexpectedly, he met a man. That man was there to help her. That man accepted her even if she was at her worst. Although this man had been keeping a secret from her. Where the truth will be untold.  Will she be able find her lost sister despite of her situation? Will she open her heart once more for this man who did nothing but just to lover her? Will the history repeats itself?

A Day In The Life Of You

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