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“Life walks, life runs. Then? Exhausted, ah!
Really, a little break is mandatory.
 “Life, the blooming flower, can be withered at any time. Not acceptable.”
A break! That time will be the fantasy world, a cheerful mind; a soothing charm. A little fantasy is enough to hold on, the uncontrolled sail of the life’s boat. Believe this heartfully. 
How and when?
“When you see, you can’t tolerate this anymore, just keep that aside. Relax the mind. Close those eyes. Imagine your most beautiful & youthful moments, with vibrant shades of the life.
Your most beautiful moment, the fantasy realm; a little fantasy. Yes!”
A Little Fantasy... is such a collection of writes (a poetic canvas), where mind flies and makes a beautiful ride, for a short period of time. Ready for the dive in the deepest ocean of imaginations. So cool.
As for example- Jack is a liitle kid, Kitty, The book, Make it now, The dark sight etc.
Hope anyone will enjoy, if tries to read at a glance. Make the fantasy realm.

A Little Fantasy

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