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There are moments and incidents in everyone�s life that are hilarious, absurd and sometimes crazy.   Incidents that could make the reader remember something similar that happened to them or simply enjoy the joke. Or else read about a time that is quite different from now.  That�s the kind of memories I have been sharing in my newspaper �middles� and my Facebook postings over the years. Life is serious, sometimes worrisome and often complicated where a breather is usually welcome. 
I have divided the contents into three parts. Salad Days deal with incidents belonging to my school, college and university days and as a lecturer. What happened when we wanted to buy English records for our common room? Or had our letters censored by the hostel superintendent? What was my first job in college like in a small and conservative town where most people did not believe in higher studies for women? Learning to Be a Housewife speaks of the next chapter in my life where hilarious mistakes of every kind happened. How did I deal with the strange fish-seller, the vet and the prying neighbours?  And That is Life has incidents and musings right up to my twilight years, many of them about a different time and place, and my final realization that Life never stops surprising you.

A Little Love, A Little Laughter

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