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Diya had it all - a lavish lifestyle, a successful career, and loving parents. But when a tragedy strikes and takes it all away, her life is changed forever. Sanjay, an NRI in India, is struggling with a past that haunts him and finds solace in the company of his two beloved pet cats, Snow and Luca. Plagued by their own demons, the two fight to maintain their grip on reality as their mental health steadily deteriorates. No matter how hard they try to escape their troubled past, fate conspires to bring them back to the source of their pain. Haunted by self-blame and regret for mistakes made in ignorance, Sanjay and Diya find themselves consumed by a never-ending cycle of repentance and self-doubt.
But when a twist of fate brings them together, their secret past resurfaces threatening their very existence and relationship. As they uncover the truth, Diya and Sanjay realize that their imperfections may not lead to perfection. Will their relationship survive the test of love, and will their broken hearts mend into a bond that lasts forever? Only time will tell in this story about love, loss, and the power of second chances.

All the stars lost among us - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15082822
  • Karthik S K
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