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The story depicts the simple yet complex undercurrents in a mother-daughter relationship, as the daughter may kill even her father to restore her mother's honour. The main characters are Amaya, a lawyer; her daughter Supriya (Poornima), a neurologist and her father, Karan, a medical researcher. Amaya's search for her daughter, kidnapped by her father, Supriya's psychic quest for her mother separated at birth, and Karan's double life constitute the theme. The story portrays Amaya's longing to meet her daughter and Supriya's realisation that her father cheated on her mother. It started with an unexpected phone call. Amaya and Supriya continued to communicate; each day brought new revelations. 
Amaya evolved through Vipassana, finding new realms and meanings in life, overcoming pain, sadness, anxiety and anguish. It created detachment with enlightenment. 
After twenty-four years of separation, Amaya meets Supriya in prison. The police claimed Supriya killed her father even though she deeply loved him. The murder was to atone for her father's crime against her mother. Every sign of love has an inseparable, unfathomable trace of revenge; no relationship exists without violence. You slay the person you love most.

Amaya The Buddha

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