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In a matter of just a few years from today and as an authoritarian government tightens its grip on the UK, Ambrose Jackson gets caught up in the pro-democracy fight against creeping totalitarianism. As he falls from his cosy world of success as a journalist achieved through ticking all the work hard, play hard boxes, he finds himself rising in the ranks of the rebellion discovering his roots, his family, a new love, and himself. His story is one of turmoil, comradeship, highs, lows, and challenges he never expected to face. His journey to discover himself takes him underground, flitting from safe house to safe house while he avoids the authorities and broadcasts his "seditionist" counter news programmes to an increasingly disenfranchised population. Ambrose is subjected to brutality and grief as loved ones are taken from him and although often stretched beyond the norms of endurance, his love for his beautiful Desiree keeps him strong

An Act of Sedition

  • Mike Gill
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