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In the midst of pond, a blooming lotus. It looks so beautiful. 
In the midst of forest, a butterfly flies. It sings and dances.
That lotus or butterfly, also the parts of the beautiful world; to see and enjoy heartfully.
People can?t deny this fact. The blooming lotus acts as a gem. That butterfly also catches all hearts. So, what? They are not from beautiful wards, but still shower ray of hearts.
Children are like those Flowers, Butterflies. Everyone must love them unconditionally.  No matter, they belong, from where? What?s the limitation? Hold, only their innocent smile. It will help to touch the happiness verse. This book * Angels Smile * is such a collection of writes, where words come, as friends of the children. Each write tries to reflect their minds, hearts. Hope, who loves to read; can be able to enjoy any of the writes.  Never stop to love children. They are blessings of Almighty.  Let me say the world, you are bound  to make the wonderful platform; for welcoming all the children, under the same umbrella, as a garden of love.

Angels Smile - Dust Jacket

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