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Xaphyra Alonzo isn't the type of girl who is excited for her own future, she was undecided on what course she should take because for her, she could only find her happiness by her creative talent. Even though she's the vocalist of the rising band called The Redwood band,  her life was just so simple and lowkey. Not until Xaphyra crossed her paths with Art, the leader and the bassist of The Perseids band unexpectedly interacted with her in their first meeting. 
For her, they are opponents in the industry they are taking but nomatter how she keeps her distance from him, the more destiny brings them closer. She started to consider her as her masterpiece in her life... She thought she knew all about him already, little did she know,  she doesn't know and he doesn't tell. Art has the truth of the past, a past that will ruin Xaphyra's happiness in the present.

Art of Falling with Masterpiece

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  • Alvira Canlas
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