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"The poems of Assabiyah are compositions of people?s freedom and the right to live, written keeping in focus the grand renaissance of the Arab Revolution. Along with this, there are poems pertaining to the tragedy of the division of India as well as the crisis the other countries are facing in the world. Some poems talk of the intimate feelings. They have been given a separate space and title apart from the Assabiyah. However, together they all contain the people?s expectations of the modern world. 
Even in the cyber-age and Cyborg times, the pulse of the humanity cannot be ignored. Now, no one can rule even with the help of army with by force of the armament. No one can rule even through votes, if the results don?t match people?s wish and the ruling party attempts to avoid the people?s bidding.  
Rajendra Mishra is a contemporary writer. He is the poet of Aaj Kavita (Poetry Today) and the present needs to be deciphered in future too. Even in the age of machines, poetry survives because even the Machine Man is desperate to smile as well as shed tears. 
People cannot be scared by the fear of a blast through a remote. If there is poetry in the heart of the people, no missile can destroy them. 
All the poems of this collection touch the conscience, prepare man to strive and to keep alive the memory of freedom. They bear the picture of not only present but also of tomorrow. 

Assabiyah - Dust Jacket

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  • Rajendra Mishra