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A life�s early twenties are the years of great freedom, joy, and turmoil. Through the first steps into adulthood, one walk into one's first real heartaches, first real tragedies, and first real crises. The worst of all, however, is not the liberty that feels both like a jailbreak and stark nakedness. 
The worst of all is the loneliness. 
This is the age when everyone seems to be figuring their lives out; their first jobs, starting a family, starting their first substantial ventures. This is when one's high school relationship either blossoms or withers and dies. This is also the age where most first come home to empty apartments. 
This is the age when one feels the most powerful and the most powerless. Too old to be shielded, too young to know how to fight. 
At 23 is a collection of poems delving into the three biggest things in one's life at this age; love and the loss of it, friends and the value of them, and growth and the pain of growing.

AT 23

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